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RoG – Rays of Hope


RoG (Rejuvenation of Generation تزكية جيل )

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  • Introductory clip – click here (in Arabic)

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The objectives of the project:

Morals and Manners

– Competing in doing what is better and more enduring; working to get rid of disagreeable habits and manners

– Taking care of the sincerity of intention when working hard to acquire knowledge, and when doing good deeds; striving to distinguish oneself, and to compete in doing what is worth doing, and realizing what is good for oneself and others

Psychological Skills and Resilience

– Acquiring the skills of self-care, the skill of dealing with hardships, and the development of psychological resilience – aiming to have a more balanced and robust psychological structure

– Learning the principles of psychology, with a stress on emotional growth and the skill of emotional intelligence

Building Self-Confidence and Efficiency

– Developing the individual’s character, his/her confidence, freedom and creativity; enhancing the faculties of independence, self-efficacy, conscience, and the awakening of accountability; the enhancement of the individual’s set-up: in body, mind, emotion, and conscience.

– Assisting students to realize self-discovery, to discover their potentials; and to review the intellectual incentives that they bear.

The Enhancement of Thinking Skills

– Working to develop the scientific approach; to ingrain the principles of relativity (proportionality), causality and critical thinking; ridding the generation of traditionalism, the idolization of persons; and all-or-nothing thinking

– Providing the student with the skills of critical thinking, intellectual flexibility; and continuous learning

– Enhancing respect for learning; developing observation of the link between causes and effects; the scientific reasoning, and how to review scientific evidence.

Enhancing the Family

– Empowering the family as an integrated and cooperative unit, in order to be an efficient unit aiming to achieve good objectives

– Developing communication within the family; improving the ability of solving family problems, in healthy ways, and getting over difficult crises

– Making sure the members of family are keen to fulfill their responsibilities; their support of each other, and doing their best to disseminate knowledge and scientific consciousness among all of them

Social Responsibility

– Developing a consciousness of the effect of narrow-mindedness and disregarding the common good when taking decisions and adopting attitudes

– Raising the individuals’ awareness of the effect of the individual’s and group’s behaviors on the general good of society


– Introducing the youth to the principles of identity, belongingness, and citizenship

– Being aware of the resisting subjugation – the principle of No obedience in Doing the Wrong thing

– Adopting the concept of the Prophet’s Tradition: “You are shepherds, each one of you; and each is responsible for their flock’

– The perfection of the mechanism of: democracy’ at all social levels

 – Laying the foundation of supporting truth, justice, and their representatives of whatever creed; resisting injustice of whatever source; preserving rights and enhancing duties.

Citizen of the World

– Enhancing of the spirit of belonging

– Perceiving the reality of being witnesses of the world, responsibility for the environment and all inhabitants

– Getting over sectarianism and nepotism; establishing the culture of merit-based selection